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Gone public

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This is just a quick post to let you know that the blog is now accessible online without being necessary to have a personal invite. The URL is

I won’t be doing the big sell on Facebook for now, but I’m happy for anyone who’s interested to read it and for you to pass it on to others if you wish.

It’s still a bit basic, and I haven’t got round to the ‘About Me’ page yet (difficult knowing how to ‘nutshell’ myself), but it’ll do for now.

Thanks for reading. XXX

One thought on “Gone public

  1. Hi Sal. The first time I’ve had chance to read your blog since my visit to Canterbury but I’ve read it all now and it’s been a smiley, thought provoking, tear jerking, heart warming, heart breaking experience. I totally understand so much of what you write because although it is your personal experience of grief, it describes perfectly facets of the human condition we all experience. Now, at the stage we are in our human evolution, we can stand back from our emotions for one of the first times in history i think and, instead of being carried away by them, we can establish where they come from, consider if they are useful, if they are founded in genuine experience or concepts from media or culture. This fact, for me, delivered beautifully packaged in your blog, is supremely empowering. Thanks for sharing Sal x x big love to you in your darkest and very brightest moments x

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